Nutrisystem Sweet BBQ Sauce With Pulled-Style Pork: Perfectly Cooked Pork in the Sauce

You don’t have to give up savoring your favorite pork recipes just because you’re following a weight-loss program. While it is undeniable that pork burgers and sandwiches contain too many calories, there are some healthy options as well. For instance, take the Nutrisystem’s “Sweet BBQ Sauce With Pulled-Style Pork” recipe.

In general, a pork burger contains more than 450 calories, but a burger made with this pork-and-BBQ sauce will have just half of that. Also, it has got 5.0g of total fat, 1g of dietary fiber and 14g of protein – pretty good numbers for a weight-loss product. Last month, I’ve ordered five of these as a part of my monthly meal plan that I purchase using a Nutrisystem coupon. The taste was delicious but the BBQ sauce was a bit thinner and is a little messy while eating. Some people may feel that the quantity of the sauce is way too much for their liking.

I don’t eat much of pork these days, but I should say that despite being a low-cal recipe, this one tastes great.

What are the Ingredients?

Speaking of the ingredients, there’s cooked pork and other ingredients that make BBQ sauce. These include 2% of food starch, onion powder, tomato paste, garlic powder, paprika, canola oil, sugar, sea salt, water, soy protein concentrate and some spices. This product is totally safe for diabetics and is completely free from artificial flavors and preservatives.

How To Prepare?

Firstly, you need to tear the pouch on top and microwave it in HIGH setting (at approximately 1100 Watts) for about half a minute so that it becomes warm. That’s it! Your “pulled-style pork in BBC sauce” is ready to eat. For the best taste, serve it with whole-grain rolls (that aren’t included in the product).

I also tried this recipe with brown rice and I must tell you the taste was awesome. You may also add other veggies like beans and carrots to make the meal fuller. I also made burgers with the pork-and-BBC sauce. The perfectly cooked pork melts in your mouth while the sweet-and-spicy sauce brings out a delicious taste. This dish reminded me of my college days. Back then, I was a huge fan of pork burgers. Kudos to Nutrisystem for coming up with such a tasty dish, and I strongly recommend it to you if you love pork recipes.

Overall, this ready-to-eat meal can be prepared in less than 2 minutes. It keeps you full for 4 – 5 hours which makes it perfect to have for lunch.