Nutrisystem Lasagna with Meat Sauce

It is hard to imagine that there can even be a healthy version of a dish like lasagna. When most people prepare this beloved Italian delight, a single serving can have as many as 800 calories! With Nutrisystem’s remaking of this delicious dinner item, you will get only 280 calories from splurging on this delightful dish.

The fat levels are also impressively low. The Lasagna with Meat Sauce by Nutrisystem has only 9 grams of fat, 3 grams of dietary fiber, and 15 grams of protein. With an average serving of lasagna, even from popular fast food restaurants, you will get at least a doubling of these unhealthy ingredients, if you are lucky.

Maybe it’s the way Nutrisystem makes it, especially how they play around with the ingredients. The lasagna they are selling is made of thick layers of pasta, tomatoes, spinach, cheese, pinto beans, and meat sauce. That should explain why this meal is officially a high protein dish. Other ingredients in this food include carrots, onions, eggs, corn, butter, peas, enriched flour, garlic, milk, soy, cane sugar, and wheat.

Of the 280 calories in this dish, only 80 are from fat. The lasagna also does not have any trans fat, and only about 24% of the recommended sodium content. A serving of homemade lasagna has been known to provide more than 100% of the recommended daily sodium content!

I grew up loving classic dishes, until a time came when I realized how unhealthy these meals actually were. And when you got to see the nutritional content of a regular serving of lasagna, you knew at once that this meal had no future in your life as a health food enthusiast.

Although I can admit that Nutrisystem’s lasagna does not stand up to my favorite experiences of this meal, it does offer a passable substitute. The lasagna is bursting with flavors, and it is actually something I look forward to enjoying in future, although the fact that it is a healthy dish has a lot more do with this longing than the quality of its flavor.


When you receive the lasagna, it will be in a tray. Nutrisystem recommends that you peel back the lid for about an inch to avoid a steam build up during heating. From there, you are supposed to let the meal heat on high power in the microwave for about a minute or so. From there, the meal is ready, and you can take off the lid and enjoy yourself.

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