Had a Bite of Nutrisystem’s Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies Yet? They’re Delightful!

When did you last have a chocolate chip cookie? Fans like myself can vividly remember the date, time and place; and most of all, the amazing snacking experience. And now, Nutrisystem has found a way to help us enjoy this beloved snack. So, I did not hesitate to give their walnut chocolate chip cookies a try.

What Is It?

For all intents and purposes, the Nutrisystem chocolate chip cookie is just like a regular cookie. It has one thing going for it though – it has no artificial preservatives, which are usually the bane of regular chocolate chip cookies. With their remarkable walnut flavor, these treats are also full of tasty and healthy goodness.

What It Looks Like

The cookies are, to quote Nutrisystem, “bite sized.” And it’s true, I found myself chunking down these snacks one after another blissfully with a delicious glass of healthy low fat milk. They look good too, and much better than typical home-made chocolate chip cookies.

Main Ingredients

The cookies are made using vital wheat gluten, which is high in proteins and therefore a great substitute to animal proteins. As for the chocolate chips in this meal, they are sugar free, and therefore much healthier. Other main ingredients, all organic and therefore good for you, include walnuts, eggs, milk, oats, and soy.

Nutritional Facts

A single serving of these chocolate chip cookies contains 150 calories, which means that enjoying these snacks did not pose any threats to my daily calorie limits. The cookies do not have any unhealthy trans fats in them either, but fats constitute 11% of the recommended dietary allowance for a 2000-calorie meal, which is still well within the safe limits.

The cookies are also low in sodium, which is a huge benefit considering how much we should try to lower our salt intake these days. There is also an ample amount of protein in the cookies – 17 grams to be specific.


These cookies taste great, which is a huge plus. They certainly impressed me, and from what I discovered, many others share my sentiments.

A crunchy texture and a tender feel is also great; it really brings out the delicious flavors.


Many of them were broken by the time they got to my doorstep.

What People are Saying about It

Given how much of a crowd pleaser chocolate chip cookies are, Nutrisystem had a lot to live up to with their healthy version of the snack. But they managed to win the approval of many simply because they manage to make these treats very tasteful. Their crunchy and yet soft texture is also something many Nutrisystem fans are happy about as far as these cookies go.

However, there are others who feel that Nutrisystem could do a better job of packaging these treats so that they don’t end up crumbled when they are finally delivered to their customers.

Why I Like the Meal

I like that everything I love about regular chocolate chip cookies is present in these Nutrisystem treats. The fact that these cookies are much healthier, and that they come with walnut flavoring is a huge win for me. The guiltless pleasure of enjoying these cookies is certainly something I look forward to having time and again. I can afford them with a Nutrisystem coupon.

Why I Would Use It To Lose Weight and Get Healthier

Chocolate chip cookies by Nutrisystem are really great, and I would certainly use them to stay healthier. Being low in sugars, delicious, enriched with walnuts, and without any artificial preservatives, these cookies are certainly worthy a permanent spot on my health diet menu.

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