Ramps! Asparagus! Fiddlehead Ferns!: Brooklyn’s 8 Best Spring Dishes

by   4/14/14

best spring dishes

Northeast Kingdom’s Stinging Nettle Soup: Since Northeast Kingdom is staunchly committed to sourcing their ingredients locally (or foraging for them with their own hands), spring produce is just beginning to find its way onto the menu. But a stinging nettle soup serves as an excellent teaser for dishes yet to come, the luminous greenness broken only by a yolky oblong of halved egg and a swirl of crème fraiche.

18 Wyckoff Ave., (718) 386-3864

NEK Bib Gourmand 2014

Northeast Kingdom – Bib Gourmand 2014

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Brooklyn Chef’s Table is here. Check out our pigs head terrine recipe and tips on foraging

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24 Hours of Food and Drink in Bushwick

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Dinner $$$: Northeast Kingdom


You can almost smell the Vermont pine trees upon entering Northeast Kingdom, Bushwick’s contemporary American tribute to New England farmland. Since opening in 2005, it’s become a neighborhood institution, and with good reason. Kevin Adey‘s seasonal menu changes regularly, supplemented by a sizable list of specials advertised from mounted chalkboards. Intelligent, impeccably executed dishes celebrate local—often foraged—ingredients and nose-to-tail preparations of organic meats. You can’t really go wrong with your order, but my personal go-to is the scallops, most recently served with tender cipollini onions, tart crab apple, smoky bacon, and a garnish of hazelnuts and greens (pictured above). If you’re craving the red meat they’re best known for, though, go for the burger—you won’t regret it.

It’s also worth noting that by $$$, I mostly mean that this is the kind of restaurant you’d take your out-of-town middle class relatives and kill two birds with one stone—a great meal for free and an environment that won’t totally freak them out or leave them muttering about the sh*thole you live in (true story). In reality, you can get away with spending under $40 a person, including drinks, if you order wisely.

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NEK ink

Village Voice – Top 100 – 2013

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100 Favorite Dishes of 2013

#8 Northeast Kingdom’s Stone Cut Oat Porridge

By Laura Shunk Thu., Oct. 17 2013 at 12:15 PM


No. 8: Stone cut oat porridge from Northeast Kingdom (18 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-386-3864)

Porridge might be a breakfast basic, but on the dinner menu at Northeast Kingdom, it gets special treatment–and it should not be missed.

Bushwick’s Northeast Kingdom celebrates humble ingredients, and on the ever-changing seasonal menu here, you’ll find many fine specimens of local produce, seafood, and poultry basking in glorious simplicity, the true essence of each item showcased by a supporting cast of garnishes that’s pared down to just what’s necessary. With that context, porridge doesn’t look out of place on the dinner menu, even if you’d be inclined to think of it as a proletariat breakfast dish elsewhere. Order it and be further convinced that it belongs–the hearty bowl of soft-cooked oats is as rich and savory as a winter stew, and it’s bolstered voluptuously by a runny-yolked egg and the earthy paper-thin slices of crispy sunchokes. It’s comfort food and immensely satisfying, and it works as a precursor to a heftier meal–perhaps you’ve come for NEK’s killer burger–or as the main event if you add a plate of simply dressed greens on the side.

Brooklyn Magazine – Best Sandwiches

The 20 Best Sandwiches In 20 Brooklyn Neighborhoods


Before trying the Northeast Kingdom chicken sandwich, I would’ve thought it was impossible to improve upon something so simple and so good. I mean, what’s better than a classic chicken sandwich? Oh, I don’t know, maybe a chicken sandwich smothered in spicy, nutty Kung Pao sauce that’ll make your tongue tingle and your nose burn and will leave you feeling like you just can’t get enough of this savory sandwich served on a soft, sweet brioche roll that offers the perfect contrast to the crunchy, spicy chicken. Do yourself a favor and eat up accompanied by one of the many beers Northeast Kingdom has on tap. This is definitely one of our favorite lunches in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn magazine – best kale dishes

The Ten Best Kale Dishes in Brooklyn

Posted by on Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 10:00 AM


Creamed Kale; Northeast Kingdom
Even kale needs to feel decadent sometimes, and what better way to do it than by adding lots of cream and butter and dairy goodness? None that we can think of. So when you want to feel a little bad when you’re eating kale, get on over to Northeast Kingdom and either order the vegetarian main of Cauliflower, which comes with creamed kale, potatoes, and roasted garlic, or order the kale salad which comes studded with tangy, creamy blue cheese. Either way, the dairy goes a long way toward cutting the intrinsic bitterness of the kale, making it even more delicious than you ever thought it could be.
18 Wyckoff Avenue, Bushwick

Michelin Guide Bib Gourmands 2014

Michelin Guide NYC’s 2014 Bib Gourmands

The Michelin Guide has released its “Bib Gourmand” picks for the forthcoming 2014 dining guide.

These are restaurants that the guide highlights for excellence on a budget (defined as two courses and wine or dessert for $40 a head). New entries on the Bib list include ABC Cocina, Battersby, Northeast Kingdom, Mayfield, Porsena, Seersucker, and Xixa. Restaurants that land on the Bib list are not awarded Michelin stars. The full list of star ratings for 2014 will be released next Tuesday. Congratulations to all the 2014 Bib Gourmands.

Village Voice – best of NYC

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The 10 Best (Real) Farm-to-Table Restaurants in NYC

By Hannah Palmer Egan Mon., Aug. 5 2013 at 7:00 AM

4. Northeast Kingdom, 18 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn
Aside from the fact that the owners are native Vermonters, freshness is perhaps the strongest thread that connects this restaurant to its namesake county in northern Vermont, where many residents grow kitchen vegetable gardens, eggs come from a farm stand down the road, and meat is procured from a pig-raising neighbor or beef farmer. Owners Paris Smeraldo and Meg Lipke have imported this ethic to Brooklyn, sourcing produce from Brooklyn Grange (which I wrote about last week) and farm-raised meats from upstate while adding foraged ingredients whenever possible. Seasonal menus shine a spotlight on what’s fresh right now. This summer, try the roasted tomato gazpacho and Brooklyn Grange greens.